The Best Cheeep! (Cheap) Web Hosts in 2020

Every great website needs a great web host! A great web host provides reliable service, fast and friendly customer support, and affordable and reasonable prices.

The flock here at HostKeet has scoured the web for you and found some great hosting companies that can meet your needs and save you money! So let’s fly in and see what our flock has found…

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links may be affiliate links, meaning we receive some small compensation if you choose to do business with them. This simply helps us support the website – we recommend them regardless of whether we are paid to or not.

Our Favorite Host is…

Hawk Host is coincidentally named after a kind of bird, but that has nothing to do with why it is our favorite host.

This Canadian hosting company has fast servers located around the world so you can choose the location closest to you. They have low prices, reliable service, and excellent customer support. This site is even hosted on their servers! Pretty sweet, eh?

They have an awesome deal on hosting right now with plans starting at only $2.24/month!

Our other top picks are…

  1. Green Geeks
  2. Site Ground Hosting
  3. DreamHost
  4. EasyWP
  5. MDD Hosting
  6. IONOS
  7. A2 Hosting
  8. Stable Host

Now, on to the reviews!

Our Favorite #1 Host…

Hawk Host is known for offering cheap reliable web hosting. The pricing is affordable, the company is reputable, and they have a money-back guarantee. Let’s take a look at some of the key points below…

Hosting Plans

The cheapest plans Hawk Host offers are their shared hosting plans which are perfect for most basic business websites.

The main features include:

  • 10,000 MB to unlimited storage
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) for speed
  • Unlimited bandwidth, domains, and databases
  • Quick and easy install of WordPress, Joomla, etc. using Softaculous
  • Free Memcached and Lightspeed Web Server for faster speed
  • Free SSL
  • Ability to choose a server location
  • Free unlimited email accounts
  • CPanel hosting management
  • Weebly site builder
  • Free migrations
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Application Installer
  • Optimized Cloudflare

Other plans include:

  • 3 Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans
  • 2 Semi-dedicated hosting
  • 3 reseller hosting plans
  • 2 cloud hosting plans
  • 5 cloud server plans

With any of their hosting plans you can install WordPress, Joomla, or other content management platforms using Softaculous to create a website in minutes!

Speed and Reliability

The enterprise-grade SSD storage and Cloudflare CDN improve performance and reliability. Hawk Host guarantees a 99% uptime with compensation promise for any downtimes a customer may experience.


You can opt for a monthly or yearly subscription. Take advantage of the discount web hosting by taking the yearly plan for a 10% discount.

Hawk Host is a very cheap hosting service provider with the primary or shared hosting starting at only $2.99, and the professional at $7.99 per month. The product comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Building a WordPress site? Hawk Host offers some of the cheapest web hosting for WordPress on the web!

The Hawk Host homepage

Hawk Host currently has a sale going on where you can get hosting for only $2.24 a month! This is great deal, especially when you can lock in that price by ordering for a year or more upfront.

Customer Service

Hawk Host customer service is available day and night, all year round. Use ticket submission, email, forums, telephone, social media, server status page, the help desk, and blogs for resolving issues or for more information.

Final Thoughts

Hawk Host is one of the cheapest hosting options available, and it has lots of attractive features. It is great for beginners and experienced users, thanks to their excellent customer support and tools available.

Hawk Host is our #1 pick for their pricing, support, reliability, and speed. If you are looking for cheap WordPress hosting or a host for an online store, or whatever your needs may be, Hawk Host has you covered.

Our Favorite #2 Host…

Launched in 2008, by Trey Gardner, Green Geeks designs, codes, and modifies websites, from layout to function, according to the specifications of clients. Currently, the company hosts more than 500,000 websites, with a customer base of 40,000 from over 150 countries. Its headquarter is in Los Angeles, California but has data centers in Amsterdam, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, and Phoenix.

Hosting Plans

Green Geeks is unique in their hosting plan offerings. Where most web hosts have a cap on bandwidth while promising “unlimited bandwidth”, Green Geeks does not.

Here are some of the great features with their shared hosting plans:

  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free Nightly Backup
  • Free CDN
  • Unlimited E-mail Accounts
  • WordPress Installer/Updates
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Standard Performance
  • LSCache Included
  • Free website migration

Its specially engineered hosting platform offers quality reseller, shared, VPS (virtual private sector), and WordPress hosting. Unlike the majority of other web hosts, Green Geeks has a true unlimited bandwidth.

It also offers advanced security features, like the Spam Assassin, which monitors any possible breaches or hacks. Like with Hawk Host, you can install WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and more easily using Softaculous.

Other plans include:

  • 3 Virtual Private Server (VPS) plans
  • 3 WordPress hosting plans
  • 3 reseller hosting plans

Amazingly, Green Geeks offsets 300% of the carbon from the energy used, making it one of the best environmentally-friendly web hosting services.


Their pricing starts at $2.95 per month. If you want to take advantage of the lowest pricing, you will need to sign up for 3 years in advance. Like Hawk Host, Green Geeks has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Speed and Reliability

Like most web hosts, they guarantee a 99.99% uptime. When it comes to speed, they are good, but not great. If you want a really fast site, you may want to look elsewhere.

Customer Support

Green Geeks has excellent support. When you put in a support ticket, someone will get back to you within a couple of hours, if not sooner. They also have a live chat and other support features.

Final Thoughts

Green Geeks is concerned with keeping the environment safe, and we like that. They also have a solid and stable page loading speed, excellent uptime, and great customer service. So check them out and see if they are a good fit for you.

Our Favorite #3 Host…

Site Ground offers a lot of great hosting plans, but they aren’t as cheap as Hawk Host and Green Geeks – even so, they offer competitively priced hosting options and have a host of features worth your consideration.

Hosting Plans

Site Ground‘s hosting platform is built on Google Cloud, which means they promise to deliver fast speeds, security, and easy site management.

Here are some of their cool features:

  • Plans start at 10 GB of storage space
  • Free migration for one website
  • Free SSL and content delivery network (CDN)
  • Integration with WordPress, Weebly, Joomla and Drupal
  • Multiple PHP versions
  • Multi-level cashing
  • Unlimited databases
  • AI-bot prevention tool for security
  • Free email accounts

Other plans include:

  • 3 Ecommerce hosting plans
  • 3 WordPress hosting plans
  • 4 Cloud hosting plans
  • 1 Reseller plan


Site Ground‘s shared hosting prices range from $6.99 -$14.99 per month, but the rate rises going forward. You can benefit from discounts on their hosting plans by signing up for a longer period.

A domain name will cost you $15.95. You get a 30-day money-back guarantee on their shared hosting plans. For their cloud hosting, the guarantee is 14 days.

Reliability and Speed

Site Ground has a 99.99% uptime and fast page loading, making it one of the best options available. If you experience any downtime, the company will compensate you with free hosting.

Customer Support

You can access the customer support team on the phone or live chat 24/7.

Final Thoughts

You may ask yourself, is Site Ground worth the price? Absolutely! You get tons of benefits while enjoying affordable hosting. Click here for more information and sign up today to enjoy reliable service.

Our Favorite #4 Host…

DreamHost web hosting promises that you will have a fast and secure website, which will help build visitor and search engine trust in you. Does it deliver? We believe so, and this is why:

Hosting Plans

DreamHost offers a lot of affordable hosting plans, with shared hosting plans starting at only $2.59 a month. They have a lot of different hosting options:

  • Shared hosting
  • WordPress hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Managed WordPress Hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting

Here are some of the features their shared hosting plans have:

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • Free domain (if you sign up for an annual or 3 year plan) with free privacy protection
  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Free automated WordPress migrations
  • One-Click Installer for popular apps
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Free email addresses
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Automated backups

They also have a website design service that starts at $249 where a professional will build you a website fast.

DreamHost homepage


DreamHost offers cheap hosting with prices as low as $2.59 for shared hosting. Take advantage of discounted pricing by signing up for a longer period. The renewal price stays the same, and you have a 97-day money-back guarantee.

Reliability and Speed

The page loading speed is high. DreamHost is one of the fastest and cheapest WordPress hosts out there.

The company promises a 100% uptime guarantee. If you experience downtime, you will get credit for the time you are affected.

Customer Support

Significantly, DreamHost provides you 24/7 customer support. You can reach them via live chat, ticketing system, email, phone and the support page.

Final Thoughts

We would strongly recommend you DreamHost, due to its performance and affordability. Further, you get website building software, excellent security, and an unmatched money-back guarantee. We also feel that the cloud hosting offering is above board.

Get more information here and take advantage of an affordable web hosting service today by signing up!

Our Favorite #5 Host…

The last of our top 5 picks is EasyWP. EasyWP is hosted on the NameCheap Cloud. NameCheap is a good company that we trust and like for purchasing domain names.

Most linux-based web hosts can support WordPress, but EasyWP specializes in hosting WordPress sites and nothing else.

Looking for VPS or dedicated hosting? You won’t find it at EasyWP, but here’s why they have made it in our top 5 favorites…

Hosting Plans

EasyWP offers only 3 hosting plans – Starter, Turbo, and Supersonic. Each plan comes with WordPress installed and ready to go.

Their starter plan gives you 10 GB of space and bandwidth that allows up to 50K in page views.

All of their plans include:

  • WordPress installed in under 90 seconds
  • Ability to scale as your site grows
  • Reliable service with uptime guarantee
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • An easy to use dashboard to manage your WordPress sites
  • Secure hosting
  • 3 different layers of advanced caching – you don’t need a caching plugin as it’s already built into their system
  • Easy backup and restore tool
  • Maintenance mode
  • SFTP, Database Access, CDN, SSL & More

Their Turbo and Supersonic plans come with Free CDN and Free SSL. Their CDN has a bandwidth limit of 50 GB a month.

Overall, EasyWP has a lot of unique features as they only host WordPress sites.


EasyWP offers some of the cheapest WordPress hosting available. You can have the fastest service possible for a price that you can afford.

The EasyWP Starter is just $3.88 a month, which is currently on sale for only $1 for the first month. Their annual plans are also on sale. Their Starter annual plan is only $22.88 for the first year.

When you choose EasyWP, you can take advantage of their discounts on other services. For example, you will get 30% off of private e-mail plans.

Reliability and Speed

EasyWP‘s greatest claim to fame is their speed, which they claim is 3X faster than traditional hosting. They claim to be the fastest of all WordPress Hosts. It’s a bold claim to make, but we have not conducted tests to verify their claims to comment further on it.

Customer Service

With EasyWP, you can get support 24/7. They have a live chat but no other clear way to contact them is shown on their website.

Final Thoughts

Though EasyWP is new on the web hosting scene, the NameCheap brand and reputation in addition to the pricing and features offered, make it a great choice for anyone looking for fast, cheap WordPress hosting.

While it’s not our first choice, it is a worthy contender worth your consideration. To get started, just visit the EasyWP site today and start your journey to a successful website.

EasyWP button

Our Favorite #6 Host…

MDDHosting offers affordable cloud and VPS web hosting. Their datacenter is located in Denver, Colorado. Here is why you might want to consider choosing to host your site with them…

Hosting Plans

There are only 3 kinds of hosting that MDDHosting offers – Cloud Hosting, VPS, and Reseller Hosting. Their cloud hosting plans are secure and scalable, and they are managed for you. The benefit of using cloud hosting, is that when your site grows and you need more resources, there is no need to migrate to a new server.

Key features of their cloud hosting plans:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Host unlimited domains
  • Host unlimited email accounts
  • Host unlimited MySQL databases
  • Free website transfer
  • Unlimited FTP accounts
  • LiteSpeed Cache module and LiteSpeed Webserver
  • Solid State Drive (SSD)
  • Daily offsite back-ups
  • Free SSL Certificates through Let’s Encrypt and AutoSSL
  • Free Malware Scanner
  • Free SiteLock Lite
  • 1000% uptime guarantee
  • SitePad Site Builder
  • SSH Access

Their cloud hosting plans start out with 0.5 Core CPU, 0.5 GB RAM, and 10 GB of disk space, and end with 14 Cores CPU, 14 GB RAM, and Unlimited disk space. This allows for a lot of scalability, which is something you won’t get with the other hosts in this list.

Other plans offered:

  • 3 VPS plans
  • 3 Reseller hosting plans


MMDHosting offers you cheap web hosting services, with prices ranging from $4 to $14 per month. Like many other web hosts, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee and you can get discounts if you pay for a year or two upfront.

Reliability and Speed

MDDHosting excels in terms of speed due to the LiteSpeed servers. It is an excellent web hosting WordPress platform due to loading speeds. The company gives you a 1,000% uptime guarantee, so every time there is a downtime, you get 10 times the downtime amount.

Customer Service

The company offers 24 hours customer support all year round. You can use the ticketing system, email, and telephone.

Final Thoughts

MMDHosting is a great option if you plan to host a lot of websites or your website has a lot of traffic or requires more resources and scalability.

Our Favorite #7 Host…

IONOS is a hosting company located in Europe that became a part of 1&1 in 2018. IONOS has datacenters in both the US and Europe. They differ from the other web hosts on this list in that they offer a wide array of services and hosting solutions.

Hosting Plans

IONOS offers shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, ASP.NET hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and email hosting.

Key features of their shared hosting plans:

  • Daily site backups
  • RailGun CDN
  • Anti-spam protection
  • Free SSL
  • SiteLock
  • Mobile admin app
  • Unlimited traffic
  • MyWebsite builder
  • Free email accounts
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Dedicated support assistant

IONOS takes a lot of pride in having the latest technology, which means that when you host your site with them, it may load faster and have greater reliability and security over other web host providers.


IONOS is a relatively cheap web host with some great benefits. Their basic shared hosting plan will cost you $4 per month, and you can take advantage of the discount hosting through the various promotions and signing over a longer period.

If you want to take advantage of their website builder and email marketing software, it will add to the cost. The MyWebsite builder software starts at $5 a month and their email marketing software starts at $4 a month. You have a 30-day window within which to decide whether the product works for you or not.

Reliability and Speed

One of the benefits of IONOS is their speed, which is impressive. The developers promise 99.9% uptime with a georedundant infrastructure. With 15 data centers, you can be sure of excellent performance and reliability.

Customer Service

You can access the customer support 24/7 all year round. You have the option of live chat, email, and phone, or customer support through the free dedicated assistant.

Final Thoughts

Affordable hosting can allow small businesses to get an online presence much faster. IONOS offers you very cheap hosting and is reliable, which is critical for keeping visitors on your website. Get more information about the hosting plan here and sign up today to start enjoying the benefits.

Our Favorite #8 Host…

While not our top pick, A2 Hosting has made it on our list of cheapest web hosts for their speed, prices, and customer service.

Hosting Plans

A2 Hosting differs from the other web hosts in that they promise faster speeds, but their plans offer a lot of the typical features you’d expect to find.

Some of the key features of their shared hosting:

  • Free site transfers
  • WordPress, Drupal & Joomla optimized
  • Easy Site Builder
  • Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt
  • Automated server backups
  • Anytime money back guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee

A2 Hosting does differ in that they offer managed WordPress hosting that includes easy WordPress backups, site staging, free JetPack personal license, and WP-CLI pre-installed. It’s not particularly impressive to our flock, but it’s worth mentioning.


Their prices are not the cheapest, but they are reasonable. Right now, the company is having a sale. You can get 66% off their basic shared hosting plan, paying only $2.99 a month. After the sale, you will need to pay $8.99 a month.

Reliability and Speed

A2 Hosting has what they call Turbo servers which they claim to be 20X faster and optimized for the popular content management platforms – however, it is only available in the more expensive hosting plans.

They promise the typical 99.9% uptime guarantee, but they have an anytime money back guarantee, which is better than the usual 30 days.

Customer Service

Their team is around online 24/7 to help you with your hosting solutions through phone, email, and live chat.

Final Thoughts

Overall, A2 Hosting has some good features and their prices aren’t bad. Check it out and see if they are right for you.

Our Favorite #9 Host…

While at the bottom of our list of favorite cheap web hosts, there are plenty of great things to make StableHost worth considering.

Hosting Plans

StableHost offers shared web hosting as well as enterprise, VPS, and reseller hosting.

Key features of their shared hosting plans:

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • web builder
  • Daily Backups
  • Free SSL with Let’s Encrypt
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited email accounts and domain names
  • Litespeed PHP
  • Varnish Caching
  • Easy install of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and other scripts


StableHost‘s shared hosting plans start at $4.95 a month, but they are having a sale so you can get hosting as low as $1.75 a month. This makes it one of the cheapest hosting providers on the list. Just remember to order for one or more years at a time to take advantage of the biggest savings before prices return to normal at renewal.

Reliability and Speed

They promise fast load time with their customized versions of PHP, Litespeed, and MySQL. They also have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Customer Service

StableHost‘s customer service is available 24/7 with an average response time of less than 20 minutes. You can reach them by email, phone, live chat, and social media.

Final Thoughts

StableHost has a lot of great features and they have relatively cheap hosting options. You can get more information about their plans, pricing, and features by clicking the button below.

What about the other guys?

You may be wondering why we don’t list Bluehost, HostGator, and many other popular hosting companies.. well the reason is they were bought out by EIG (Endurance International Group) and after they were bought out, their service and reliability suffered. Not only that, but they have staff that push their customers to purchase services they don’t need.. and well that just makes us squawking mad!

Uh-oh! You’ve reached the end! Fly back up!