You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and build a website. All of your friends have one and everyone you do business with. You don’t have a big budget so you’re looking for something cheap, quick, and easy. If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will be exploring the best cheap website builders. We are specifically delving into eight of cheapest and best website builders you’re going to find in 2020. You should come out with a comprehensive look at what is best for you give various variables such as price and features. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Our Top Picks

  1. Wix
  2. Weebly
  3. Squarespace
  4. Webnode
  5. Jimdo
  6. Duda
  7. WordPress
  8. Strikingly

Our Top Pick…


Wix is a website builder that you will often see advertised in YouTube segments. They tend to target entrepreneurs who want to get started on a website for little to no cost.

You can easily sign up for Wix and start building a website right away for free. They have lots of modern and great templates to choose from, and they offer a service to have your website created by professionals.

Wix landing page


  • Create a free blog
  • Create an online store
  • Allow visitors to book appointments online
  • View and edit a mobile version of your website
  • Optimize your site for search engines
  • Create a site from scratch or choose a template
  • Drag and drop website builder
  • Add video backgrounds, scroll effects, and animation
  • Use Wix ADI to create a site for you
  • Ability to add features and develop the site to handle more complex needs
  • Includes web hosting and support


Wix allows you to build a free website, but it will have limited access to certain features and will not include everything that you may want the website to do. Their free websites will also have Wix ads on them. If you want access to those features, you will have to pay for one of their premium plans.

If you just want a basic website that doesn’t need to accept online payments, their plans start at $13 per month for a personal website and end at $39 a month. For business and ecommerce websites, their plans start at $23 and go to $500.


Wix offers more user friendly features than some of the other builders. They will even help you to design your own logo. One great thing about Wix is that they have an online store. Everything that you need, including a domain, is free with Wix if you get one of their premium plans.

One of the major cons of Wix is that you’re not going to make money off of your site through ads. So if you are wanting to start a free blog and have adsense on it, you won’t be able to unless you get a premium plan. You also run the risk of looking amateur, unless you pay a professional to create it for you but that can be said about any of the website builders on this list.

Other than that, Wix is a solid choice for someone needing a business website that is easy, cheap, and fast. If you want an online shop, you should consider our #2 pick.

Wix start button

Our #2 Pick…


Weebly is a lot like Wix in that you can create a free website and the ability to customize templates. You also have the tools to customize it at your fingertips. Their templates, like Wix, look clean and professional. Weebly is the best choice if you plan to open an online store.

Weebly homepage

One of the unique features is that they are partnered with Square. Square can make doing online transactions safe and simple – which means you can start up a online shop and accept payments online easily and get started for free.

Another great benefit is that the team at Weebly is there to support you if you need it, even with their free plan.


  • Free SSL
  • Free shopping cart
  • Automatic tax calculator
  • In-store pickup
  • Inventory manager
  • Item options
  • Create your own coupons
  • Unlimited items
  • Free SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Free Chat and email support
  • Free marketing through your instagram feed

If you want to have a shipping calculator, shipping labels, and item reviews on your website, you’ll need to upgrade to their performance plan.


When it comes to price, Weebly beats Wix by far. Their plans start with the basic free plan and go to $29 a month for the performance plan. You can save $36 a year by getting an annual plan. With a professional or performance plan, you get a free domain name, saving you about $10 a year.


If you want an online store, Weebly is the best website builder for the price. You can get started with their free plan, or you can take advantage of the the other great features like item reviews and a shipping calculator with their performance plan.

Whatever plan you choose, with Weebly, you can have a secure and professional looking online shop in minutes!

Weebly start button

Our #3 Pick…


Like with Wix and Weebly, Squarespace allows you to get started for free. However, after your trial, you will be expected to pay up. They sometimes offer promotions, like the July 2020 offer to take 20% off of your plan.

The Squarespace websites that you see will be a step up from Weebly or Wix. They look extra sharp and you can tell they are more unique. Even as you look through their website, you can really tell the level of detail that goes into one of their sites.


  • Modern professionally-designed templates
  • Mobile-friendly responsive designs
  • Mix, match, and customized multiple templates to get the look you want
  • Different page types that are great for a variety of different websites – blogs, galleries, calendars, and more
  • Powerful editor that lets you customize the look of your site with a few clicks
  • Customizable content layouts
  • Free Typekit and Google fonts
  • Customize your size with your own CSS code
  • Restore sample content for inspiration
  • Video backgrounds
  • Drag and drop tools
  • Progressive image loading
  • CDN
  • Built-in image editor
  • Extensions are available to add features like an inventory manager, bookkeeping, and more

There are 150 layouts to choose from and you can multi-layer your pictures for a pop out look. There are so many features they are too numerous to list in this review! Squarespace also has a 24/7 help center.


Squarespace‘s pricing starts off at $16 a month with a personal plan and goes to $46 a month for their top plan with ecommerce features. If you pay annually, you can save money on all of their plans with a nice discount and you get a free domain name.


All in all, Squarespace is a great choice for a variety of websites, whether you’re creating a blog or wanting to open an online store. The downside is that there is no free plan like Wix or Weebly.

Our #4 Pick…


With over 40 million users of the platform, Webnode is one of the largest and most popular CMS platforms on the internet. Built to offer you convenience and flexibility, this CMS allows you to create free websites for your personal interests.

Additionally, it also supports over 20 different languages and you can build multilingual websites using the Webnode platform. This platform is versatile and features a new update, which has good looking designs, and offers you better editing features.

With that in mind, this Webnode review takes a look at the features and pricing plans, to give you in-depth information on what this content management software can help you achieve.


  • Own and register your domain name
  • 3-level navigation depth
  • Multiple widgets for better functionality
  • Website monetization via the HTML element
  • E-Commerce friendly
  • Secure platform
  • You can add your HTML code
  • Paid plans have plenty of storage space
  • Timely customer support
  • Backup and restore


Starting from the free plan up to their standard plan, Webnode offers you different pricing plans that can suit your website creation needs. The following is a rundown of their pricing plans depending on the type of websites.

Free – this plan displays Webnode advertisements and doesn’t support owning your domain name. Furthermore, you only get about 100MB of storage here.

Limited ($3.90) – the limited plan is a bit more advanced and allows you to use your domain name. It also features a Webnode link on your website’s footer

Mini ($7.5) – while this plan shows the Webnode ads, it’s perfect for smaller projects that require professional email services

Standard ($12.90) – this is completely ad-free and the best solution for creating bilingual and professional websites

Profi ($22.90)- now this is the go-to options for big websites that require up to 5GB worth of storage to run


Simple and easy to use, the Webnode CMS offers you different plans to manage your content online. This mostly depends on your website’s nature, that is, what type of website you want to create. It’s straightforward are responsive enough for a versatile web building experience.

Our #5 Pick…


Jimdo is an amazing website builder that caters to small businesses, giving you the power to design your website exactly the way you want it. This feature-packed tool for building personal and business websites equips you with everything you need to construct a professional website from scratch.


  • A free image library provides lots of options for images you can choose to add to your website.
  • Drag and drop functionality lets you add images and text to your website with ease.
  • Multiple flexible website layouts from which you can choose and customize however you wish.
  • Mobile optimization ensures that your created website is mobile-friendly as recommended by Google.
  • A flexible design allows you to change everything on your website at any time with ease.

With Jimdo, you have access to useful features that gives your website a more professional appearance. There are many options for images that you can add to your website. Moreover, Jimdo makes it easy to choose what images and text to add to your website. It offers several highly customizable website layout options from which to choose and build a mobile-friendly website. To Sum Up, the set of features lets you improve your created website with ease by giving you the ability to change everything at any time without effort.


Jimdo offers both free and paid plans, depending on the how much you are willing to invest into the services. There is a free plan called Play, alongside three different paid plans namely; Start, Grow, and Unlimited. Billed annually, the Start and Grow plans cost $9 and $15, respectively. Charged monthly unlike the Star and Grow plans, the Unlimited plan’s price is unfortunately undefined. You may contact the company to find out about the price. Similarly, Jimdo comes with both a free plan and 3 different paid plans for online stores. The paid plans are namely Basic, Business, and VIP. Basic and Business cost $15 and $19, in that order. Just like in the case of the Unlimited plan in the website category, the price of the VIP plan is unfortunately not disclosed by the company. Likewise, you can contact them to know.


Jimdo is a solid website builder from which you can expect a lot of value. For example, this tool allows you to build either a standard website or an e-commerce website that looks professional from scratch. Additionally, it lets you customize your website however and whenever you wish.

Our #6 Pick…


Duda is a unique platform that is different from the other options on this list. What makes Duda stand out is that it is intended for agencies seeking to resell Duda‘s services to their clients.

For this reason, Duda is less ideal for absolute beginners and those seeking a quick and easy solution with a few clicks. However, Duda has some great features that are worth considering.


  • AWS hosting (Amazon Cloud)
  • Email support
  • Free SSL
  • Millions of free and premium images
  • Website personalization
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Low to no tech skills required
  • Full SEO control

Duda says they are the fastest website builder when compared to Wix, WordPress, and other popular website builders. Duda can be used for both simple and complex websites and web applications.


Their basic plan is only $14 a month. Anything beyond the basic plan is intended for a development team.

Add ecommerce features for $7.25/month to add 100 products, $19.25/month for 2500 products, or $39 a month for infinite products.


If you are looking to build a more complex website and need something that has more speed and power than you will get with other platforms, then Duda may be for you.

Our #7 Pick…


As you may know, Worpress is one of the best website builders on the internet. Currently, this platform powers over 39% of all the websites on the internet. That’s a significant number considering how many websites exist on the internet right now.

Initially, this platform started as a small blogging space in 2003. It later evolved to become a content management system (CMS), and an application development framework as well. This means that WordPress allows you to create any type of site using their platform.

Additionally, this is an open source software, which means that everyone is free to download and install WordPress. Here, you’ll learn more about what this platform has to offer and its pricing plans.


  • Simple to use and publish content anytime
  • Flexible enough to create any kind of website on the platform
  • Publish with ease, thanks to the features that enhance your content
  • Multiple publishing tools to better manage your content
  • User management enabled
  • Media management allows you to upload pictures on your posts easily
  • Complies with full standards
  • Easy theme system with multiple options available
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Features multiple plugins
  • Available in over 70 languages
  • And easy to install this CMS as well as its upgrades


The fact that it powers over 39% of the internet’s websites means that WordPress manages different types of websites. And whether personal, business, e-Commerce, or premium websites, WordPress has a pricing plan to cater for every type of website on their platform.

With that in mind, the following are the pricing plans that WordPress offers for managing content on their platform.

  • Free – you can create beautiful websites within minutes for free, but comes with limitations
  • Personal – costs $4 per month, billed yearly, or $7 per month, billed monthly
  • Premium – costs $8 per month, billed yearly, or $14 per month, billed monthly
  • Business – costs $25 per month, billed yearly, or $33 per month, billed monthly
  • E-Commerce – costs $45 per month, billed yearly, or $59 per month, billed monthly


There is a reason why over 39% website owners have trusted the platform for managing their content. It’s effective, responsive, flexible, and mostly affordable.

This means that you can not only afford the platform, but it’s also flexible enough to help you run any type of website.

Our #8 Pick…


Strikingly lets you build a website in minutes with zero coding or designing skills. This website builder in a nutshell, keeps everything incredibly simple and fast. All the tools you need to make a professional appearing website are at your fingertips. With Strikingly you can register a new domain or use one you already have. You can sell you products with full e-commerce functionality, update blogs, show social media feed on your site and much more.


  • A built-in eCommerce store with PayPal and Stripe integration lets you sell products and receive payments safely online.
  • Built-in analytics show who’s been visiting with easy-to-read charts.
  • Domain name management lets you register a new domain name or use an existing domain name effortlessly.
  • Sign up and contact forms give your customers the power to sign up for your newsletters and leave feedback or contact you without effort.
  • Social feeds functionality displays your social feeds including Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, directly on your site.
  • Automatic HTTPS implementation for an SEO boost, enhanced security, and visitors’ trust.

As you can see, Strikingly comes with a set of features that make the website builder as useful as possible. These features not only benefit you but also your customers and visitors.


Strikingly comes with four different plans namely, Free, Limited, Pro, and VIP. Of course, each plan comes with varying sets of features and benefits with the costliest plan (VIP) offering the highest number of features and benefits,

Besides the Free plan (which doesn’t cost a dime forever) and the VIP plan (billed yearly and above), the other plans can be billed monthly, yearly, bi-yearly, tri-yearly, and/or Penta-yearly. Having said that, the Limited and PRO plans go for $12 and $20 per month, respectively. Meanwhile, the VIP plan that is only billed yearly, bi-yearly, tri-yearly, and Penta-yearly costs $49 per month.

It’s worth noting that the longer the billed period, the more money there is to be saved across the board. For example, if you are billed Penta-annually (5 years), you get to save $528 with any plan you choose. There is also a risk-free 14-day free trial that comes with all plans.


Strikingly is an incredible website builder tool that equips you with everything you need to build a professional website. With this software, you can expect to establish your brand and conquer the e-commerce world with a strong online presence. And its features can be extremely useful to not only your business but also visitors and customers. If you are looking for a decent website builder that will allow you to build a professional website without coding or design skills, we recommend this software.